Alia Consulting has been a Quebec leader in organizational development since 1988. Its specialized team of dedicated and talented people helps organizations develop and grow and contributes to Quebec’s socioeconomic development.  Alia Consulting is recognized for the quality of its initiatives and the expertise of its staff for its services in leadership and strategy development, training and learning solutions, and mental health and wellness at work.Alia Consulting was created in 2004 from the merger of FRP Consulting Group and FDO AXION. FRP Consulting Group was founded in 1994. With offices in Montreal and Quebec City, the company developed quickly to become a key stakeholder in enhancing the organizational health and performance of its clients by putting people first as a lever for development. FDO AXION, which opened up shop in 1988, forged solid expertise in organizational and competency development, carving out an enviable position in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Côte-Nord market.

Continuing its growth in 2009, Alia Consulting integrated the Didasko company. For over 15 years, Didasko has also been offering services in competency development management and training, in other words, personalized training, just in time and just enough.

In 2012 Alia Consulting acquired NVS Learning, whose expertise in e-learning, simulations, and serious games now rounds out Alia Consulting’s full line of custom e-learning solutions.

In 2018, Alia Consulting innovated again by implementing the shared leadership approach in its team of consultants.  With this approach, the different leadership roles and activities are shared within the team according to each person's skills and interests to achieve a common goal. Influence and decision-making power are thus shared between the partners and consultants and all are jointly responsible for the efforts and results.

In the end, it's not only the firm but also all of its clients who benefit from the power of collective intelligence.

In 2019, co-founding partner Patrick Rivard retired.  As a result, Catherine Privé and Hugo Privé became the only two shareholders.

In 2020, Alia Consulting decided to favour working from home for all its employees: consultants and administrative teams.  This change allowed us to greatly reduce our ecological footprint thanks to a marked reduction in daily travel for everyone.  In addition, the decreased size of our rental spaces enabled us to significantly lower our use of energy, water, waste, etc. Carpooling is encouraged, especially for long trips between regions.

In 2022, Alia Consulting adopted the hybrid work mode, meaning offices are available in each of the three regions and staff can meet there with colleagues or clients.  Employees are free to use them whenever they want as needed. In addition, since September, all Alia Consulting employees have been working 4 days a week, with Fridays given over to activities other than work: family, sports, outdoor activities, volunteering, training, etc.

1998 to 2004
Foundation of FDO AXION, Didasko and FRP Consulting Group
FRP becomes a shareholder of FDO AXION
Alia Consulting
Integration of Didasko
Acquisition of NVS Learning
Implementation of shared leadership approach
Telework for all employees
Hybrid work mode and 4-day week for all employees