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Quality commitment

Alia Consulting has a well-proven quality management system to guarantee service effectiveness and thoroughness. Furthermore, a continuous improvement committee oversees the system to improve customer service.

To our customers

Alia Consulting is committed to offering its clients a professional and personalized service that focuses on the following points : a tight relationship with our partners, guaranteed discretion and confidentiality, mandatory transparency while carrying out mandates, a proven quality system for our products and services, a result-oriented approach.

To the economy of Quebec

Alia Consulting set a goal to contribute to the Quebec economy by helping organizations mobilize the full potential of their resources to reach their targeted goals. We support Quebec organizations so they can meet today's complex management challenges, where human resources are top priority.

To our team

Our greatest strength at Alia Consulting and the main reason for our continued success, is the competency of our team of professionals. We know that our clients' satisfaction relies on our employees' satisfaction. To fulfill this expectation, our team of professionals makes it their business to provide clients with quality service, without losing sight of our company's values.

To our partners

Alia Consulting works in partnership with a network of experts with mutual values. We build long-term relationships with our partners and combine our skills to achieve numerous successes together.


Environmental mention
Alia Consulting seeks also to respect the environment by only using recycled paper, revising the document format, encouraging employees to recycle, and motivating them to use public transportation to commute.

Autorité des marchés financiers

Authorized by the Autorité des marchés financiers to enter into contracts with public organizations from Quebec.

Award and distinctions

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Registrations and accreditions